This curriculum enrichment program is designed to teach essential scientific skills and concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

If you want to be part of the fun and learn about:

  • electricity
  • forces
  • the periodic table
  • formulae and equations
  • and how to interpret data to
  • draw conclusions
  • evaluate findings
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Classes commence September 15th 2005

Wonder Why? Science Club offers a hands-on science curriculum enrichment program, designed to teach scientific concepts and skills through practical activities.

The emphasis is on problem solving and collaborative team work, with topic-based sessions building on the historic context of scientific development.

Children are challenged with real problems, shown historical solutions to them, and assisted in turning concrete activities into abstract knowledge.

Educational research in England has shown that science education can accelerate cognitive development in children.

Integrated Science and Practical Mathematics
4th to 8th grade: 1-2 pm
Thursdays at
St Luke’s Chapel
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St Lukes Church